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Welcome to another exciting update to the Bujinkan Rakunin Dojo website!

As the month has changed, so has the local weather.   To start with, a big congratulations to Puyan Renani, who on his recent visit back was tested and promoted to 5th kyu!  Although he is no longer studying actively with us since his move to Oslo, he has obviously been studying on his own.  His techniques are fluid, and he has a strong understanding of the principles within the Ten and Chi Ryaku no Maki.  He's worked very hard, and it shows! Well done!

I've also gotten word from my friend and fellow traveler on the way, Jock Brocas, that he recently passed his Godan test at the hands of Hatsumi sensei himself on Monday 28 September!  WAY TO GO JOCK!!!!!  I only regret I couldn't be there to share in his happiness at succeeding.  Remember to check out his website at http://www.bujinkan-scotland.com/.  Jock is hosting my teacher, Ed "Papa-san" Martin this month in Inverness the weekend of October 18, and I wish them all a wonderful seminar - just really wish I could be there myself.

On another note, my own inability to juggle tasks has had the unfortunate side effect of not advertising our class as I'd intended.  The downside of this is that our Monday beginner class is significantly smaller than I had intended - and for the time being we're gonna postpone the Monday class, and anyone is invited to our Wednesday and Saturday classes.

Which is the next reminder, that this Saturday's class will be at the school in Seljestad so we'll have use of the mats there and can put some more work into rolls, breakfalls and throws.

I continue the never ending project of compiling a "definitive" training manual including the Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki, the various weapon kamae, short histories of the nine schools which make up the Bujinkan, a glossary of terms (including Kanji).  So... night I had the vague notion of trying to discover  one of the answer to a question I ALWAYS here, especially by new beginners... How do you make smoke bombs?  This of course being the kind of smoke bombs the "ninja" in the movies always throw down on the ground in order to distract an enemy so they can escape, as opposed to the kind you use a match to light (and in my delinquent years, would toss under the front of cars when they stopped at red lights, to freak out the drivers into thinking their cars had spontaneously overheated).  I dunno... I'm probably way over reaching this project - but I truly would like to see a document that is a little more specific in certain things.   I suppose that has alot to do with feeling very far away from my teachers, and hating myself for not always having the answers.  That is the great irony - the more I learn and discover, the more I realize how little I truly know.  But therein lies the goal of training, I suppose - and the reason it will take me the rest of my natural days to be "good enough".  Gambatte, indeed.



Kris Quinn, shidoshi-ho
07 October, 2009


Hey all!

Let me start off by congratulating our fine ninja Kenneth Fagerås with his upgrade to 7th Kyu. He is progressing nicely, which shows in his body movement, his locks.  He's even learned throws somehow, and I am pretty sure that we haven't taught him that yet...

We now have a new dojo in Trondheim, which is headed by Frode Dragnes (Tlf: 41107118)  who used to train in Elverum. If you are interested and live in Trondheim, contact him or go to his webpage at http://www.bujinkan.no/dojo_t.html.

I want to remind everybody that we need to pay our monthly fee for renting the dojo.  It is still 200NOK for adults and 100NOK for children (under 16). When we get enough students, we will make it free for children under 16 and we might cut the monthly fee for everyone over 16.  The more friends that you add to training, the chance is bigger that the fee will decrease.  Also, if we get someone to rent the apartment for 2500NOK per month, that would help us tremendously. If someone is interested, please let Kris or me know about it as soon as possible. Payment can be done either by transfer to my account or in cash to me at the dojo. Try also to pay before the 15th each month. If this is not possible, please consult me and we will work something out.

We've changed the schedule AGAIN, so now the training is only on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. However, if someone wants to have a private training, whether they are completely new to Bujinkan or ranked members, please let us know!  One of the higher ranking members will be more than willing to train with you.

This is my first update to the webpage, so it won't be as Kris'. Remember our training tomorrow at 17:30.

Tommy Robertsen, shodan
11 September, 2009


Good lord I stink about updating this website... (sigh)

Welcome to the website for those of you who are first timers!  There's alot of changes happening these days - we have a new dojo... which needs mats desperately, but otherwise it looks like an actual dojo, which is cool.  We'll probably keep our training agreement with Seljestad school for weekends since it's much larger then the new dojo.

We're actively looking for new students!! Our goal is to have a total of between 20 and 25 students, so if you know anyone who might be interested, have them contact me (my email address and mobile number are on the class info, above.  The more fellow students we have, the better, as this will help us keep our costs down (yay!) while being able to have seminars more regularly, get new training gear, new mats, and pay for all the nifty stuff that makes training interesting!

The class information link (above) has also been updated with the autumn training schedule, as well as links to both the main dojo, and our alternate training location at Seljestad.  As you can see, there's gonna be a much more... energetic training schedule then we've had the passed couple of years, as I divide my time between current and new students for a bit.  It's important that all new, and possibly returning, students feel welcome.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the seminar in Sørreisa has been changed.  It's now going to be held September 20-21.  The cost is 300kr for the weekend, and we've arranged to stay at the school gym we've used in the passed... remember to bring a sleeping bag (or at least a blanket) and pillow at least.  Hopefully we'll see a good turnout of students to support Gøran and his new dojo!

A good number of my current students and I are looking forward to our trip to Japan this year.  We arrive there on November 28, but we'll be returning home on different days depending on our individual schedules.  Very likely we'll have a seminar after we return... hmmm.  Maybe I should schedule that for mid January... let me know what you think!

Ivan Skodje has been helping me alot, and came up with the image to the left as our new dojo logo.  This is actually based very much on the design that Jock Brocas and the Hiken Dojo use.  Jock was kind enough to let me borrow his design, but we did change it a bit (Jock's design is the nicer one to the right here...).



Okay, that's all for now, I think... in the meantime,



Kris Quinn, shidoshi-ho
27 August, 2009


Hello again!

Well, my personal vacation is over - damn 3 weeks goes by quick!  Now we begin looking forward to the next training events:

First is the opening of Gøran Grønvold's new dojo in Sørreisa September 5-6.  He's put a lot of money and elbow grease into the dojo, and seems rightly proud!  I hope everyone will join us for the christening seminar that weekend! Can't wait to see it!

The next event for me is Daikomyosai in Japan Nov 30-Dec 2.  I'm only taking a week in Japan this year (Nov 27 to Dec 06), unlike last year's two - but I should be better able to hit most of the classes while I'm there, and of course get to see Ed "Papa-san" Martin for the first time after his surgery, as well as many new and old friends (like Jock Brocas from Scotland!).

Ed has rescheduled his July seminar to October in Scotland.  Unfortunately, it appears that finances will preclude me taking another trip there this year, though I wish it were otherwise.... things might change and I'll be able to attend, but....

The fall training schedule isn't set yet, so for my current (and prospective!) students, consider what days of the week work best for you, and give me your feedback.  Keep in mind that workdays can sometimes conflict with an early training for me, so they need to start later, or either Tommy or Julia will have to lead the class until I arrive.   I think we will be actively looking for new students this year, so if you know anyone who may be interested in training, please bring them along!

I'm continuing to think about renting a place for us to train, were we can organize it according to our needs.  The folks at Seljestad Barneskole have been really nice, and of course I can't complain about the size of the dojo, but I'd like to invest in tatami, or if we stay at the school, some better mats.  I'd also like to make it so our training gear can remain in the school - someone mentioned there was a closet we could get the key to last year, that might be a temporary solution for us.  Will have to talk with them once the school year begins again.

Well, for those who still have vacation, continue to enjoy it, but don't forget that we're still getting together to train at my house until September - just show up, or call me if you want to train.  My number is listed under the Class Information at the top of the webpage.



Kris Quinn, shidoshi-ho
13 July, 2009


Hey all!

Okay, alot to catch up on, since I've been lazy about updating the website.

Let me start with my trip to Inverness, Scotland to visit Jock Brocas and the Hiken Dojo (http://www.bujinkan-scotland.com) for the "UCQB (Unarmed Close Quarter Battle) Hostage Tactics and Knife" seminar June 20-21.

Jock Brocas, Kris Quinn, and Hiken Dojo at CQB seminar July 2009

OH MY GOD it was a great seminar!  Jock has extensive experience working as in personal protection, and it showed!  From the minute I met Jock until he dropped me off, we just hit it off completely.  I couldn't have felt more welcome - both by him and his students.  The made me feel right at home, and it seemed we all seemed to just "gel".

In my experiences with Bujinkan up til now, Jock is definitely unique.  For example, he's the first psychic I've ever met - which made for a few odd moments over the weekend, 'lemme tell ya!  Over the course of the weekend, we spent alot of time working on defense techniques against guns, an area which is often overlooked.  We spent time working on tanto techniques as well, including some interesting scenario applications.  On Sunday, we had a grand time learning techniques and strategies used by bodyguards when protecting a principle (wow, I even sound like someone who knows what he's doing! hehe).  Was even a scenario where we had to "rescue" some hostages!  The highlight of the weekend, however, had to be the number of promotions.  Congratulations (again!) to all!

The result of the weekend was not only some very good training, but the beginning of a relationship between Hiken and Rakunin Dojo's in the future.  Somewhere along the line, I plan to have Jock up to northern Norway when his schedule permits (some of his students even promised to come along!), and I've already promised to attend the Tai Kai which Jock is organizing next year (since I've been made an honorary Scotsman, I'm now honor bound to wear a kilt... not sure I have the legs for it though!).

The only down side to the weekend was the absence of Ed "Papa-san" Martin.  Unfortunately, he managed to break his hip only a few days before hand, which required he have surgery.  I spoke with him Saturday July 4, and he's recovering nicely.  He's rescheduled, and should be in Scotland in October.

On another front, we've gotten some new training material, which we've already started using.  Also, several people, including myself,  have now organized tickets to this year's Daikomyosai (Nov 30 - Dec 2) in Japan.  This will be my second trip, which just means I won't be QUITE as confused.

Hmmm. Let's see... nothing else I can think of at the moment that needs to be written about... of course, with my memory, I'm probably forgetting something important....

Anyway, hope everyone continues to have a good summer!  Remember that every experience is a training one - not just the ones in class!



Kris Quinn, shidoshi-ho
06 July, 2009



Hello all!!

Just got back from a weekend studying with Gøran Grønvold in Sørreisa, along with several of my students.  As always, the time was very well spent as we went over the Jin Ryaku no Maki.   This was an absolutely fantastic seminar for everyone involved, and Gøran did his usual excellent job!

As we end our "official" training season - now that everyone is starting to gear down to vacations and travel - I felt it was time to go over where everyone sits, rank/skill wise.  Thus, congratulations to the following students who have earned a rank increase!

Ivan Skodje, Steve Sivertsen, and Kenneth Torbergsen all go up to 5th kyu.  Marco Dagsvold is promoted to 6th kyu.  You've all worked very hard, and definitely deserve your upgrades.  Congratulations to all of you!

The next seminar for me will be June 20-21 in Inverness, Scotland - where I'll be training with Ed Martin and Jock Brocas' Hiken Dojo.  The theme of the seminar is "Aircraft UCQB Hostage Tactics and Knife" which sounds like it'll be chock full of ideas!  I've added the website link to this dojo to the links page, but you can also just go HERE.



Kris Quinn, shidoshi-ho
08 June, 2009



Hello again!

Okay... it's about time I updated this - so let's see.

CONGRATULATIONS are in order (belatedly) to our newest 8th kyu's - Kenneth Fagerås and Dina Petrenko, and our newest 7th kyu - Magnus Kvalsøy!  They've all worked very hard, and done a really good job, and so, up they go!

The training year is almost up, as we begin to move into summer.  This doesn't stop us from having one more seminar with Gøran and the Bujinkan Dojo Sørreisa.  The next seminar is June 6-7.  You can find more info on the facebook page HERE where you can also sign up.  For one day, the price is 200kr, for both days 300kr.

Talking about Facebook, Rakunin Dojo has its own group page now.  You can just go to (Facebook: Rakunin Dojo) to sign up, if you aren't already a member.

I will also be in Inverness, Scotland June 19-22 attending Ed Martin's seminar, hosted by the Hiken Dojo.  The theme of the seminar is Aircraft Hostage Tactics and knife - and I'm very much looking forward to it.  This will also be my first trip the the Highlands, and I can't wait!

I'm not sure of when we will have our last training before the summer, as this is mostly up to Seljestadbarneskole.  There'll probably be training when the weather is with us outside at my house for those who want to.



Kris Quinn, shidoshi-ho
16 May, 2009




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